Sunday, May 1, 2011

Robert Grant

My friend, fellow artist, guitarist, and studio mate, Robert Grant suffered a stroke on April 15th. I found out about it yesterday. He is learning how to speak and use his right hand all over again. Please remember him and his wife Eileen in your thoughts and prayers.

Dragon Dress, oil on canvas

Nude Suit, acrylic on canvas

Hip Shake, acrylic on canvas

As you can tell, I'm fond of Robert's work.

Robert's studio, next door to mine, in happier times.


June Butler said...

Counterlight, I'm so sorry to hear about your mate. I'll pray for Robert and Eileen. I love his paintings. For some reason, they remind me of New Orleans - perhaps because of the wildness in their colors and shapes.

JCF said...

Prayers ascending!

Me likey his work, too.

Anonymous said...

Is this the Robert Grant that attended Ohio State University in the late '80's? We were the best of friends and lost contact about 5 years ago.