Saturday, May 21, 2011

"We'll Meet Again ..."

I can't think of anyone who I'd rather end the world with than Vera Lynn:

Wickedly clever Stanley Kubrick!

And in the words of Lowell Thomas, "So long until tomorrow!"


Counterlight said...

Well, 6PM May 21st has come and gone in Australia and the South Pacific without so much as a single kangaroo getting raptured, so it's back to work on Monday.

June Butler said...

Oh well. You can't win 'em all.

Do you like Vera Lynn, too? I adore her recordings of the old love songs from the WWII era. On our first trip to England in the early 1980s, Grandpère and I took a day trip from London by coach, and when we got near to Dover, our guide played the tape of Vera Lynn singing "The White Cliffs of Dover". We both thought it was a lovely touch.

Counterlight said...

I plan to be humming "The White Cliffs of Dover" all day today.

My little way of saying "Up yours!" to the Rapture crowd, a lovely little group that wants to see all the rest of us dead.

June Butler said...

Vera stayed beautiful, didn't she?

Counterlight said...

She did indeed.