Friday, May 13, 2011

Sign The Petition

The Uganda Kill-The-Gays bill is back and appears to be making its way toward passage in fits and starts.

Today it's Uganda. Tomorrow, it will be here. This is all driven by right wing American evangelical money. Everything that is taking place in Uganda they have every intention of bringing here. Gay sex will be a capital offense. Being gay will be a serious felony. Having gay friends will land you in jail.
All of those hateful rotten bastards from Maggie Gallagher to Bryan Fischer to Ruben Diaz to the Catholic hierarchy want something like this here.

They're all baying for blood, your blood. This includes our straight friends too.

If you need more reason, here's Bishop Robinson and Andre Banks to tell you about it.


JCF said...

{{{Doug}}} (you sound like you need it---as do I. All of us.)

Re "Slaggie Gilamonster" (as wags at JMG call Maggie G): did you catch the recent clip where, in reacting to a gay activist confronting her (w/ a vid camera!), she did a "you {pause!} people"? You could HEAR her bite her tongue, to NOT say "you f@gs". It was that obvious.

One shudders to imagine the level of soul-warping, that can produce this kind of hatred...

susan s. said...

I signed yesterday.