Tuesday, June 21, 2011

All Fraternal Nations Rejoice Together!

All are listening to Chairman Meow's earth-shaking proclamation, "Counterlight's Peculiars is 3 years old today! Time for Chinese Revolutionary Opera!"

And here is The Great Helmsman himself, Comrade Meow Say Willy, proclaiming the People's Republic of Counterlight's Peculiars. In honor of this Great Leap Forward out of the capitalist-roader reactionary litterbox (seen behind him), Chairman Meow requests that you stand and sing with him the Internationale at the end of the last clip. He sings it for us every morning at 6AM.

I began this blog with The East Is Red, and I play it every year for the blog birthday.


June Butler said...

Happy Blog Birthday, Comrade! It's been nice having you around these three years. May you have many more happy blogging years.

Give Comrade Meow a few rubs and gentle scratches from me. He's a true cat of the cats and of the commie people.

JCF said...

Congrats and Felicitations, Doug (of the Revolutionary sort----MEOW!)

Love the inverted "Y" on Comrade Willy's nose...though I suspect the implied question would have him branded (again?) a counter-revolutionary!

Harold said...

Glorious, Comrade! It was, as usual, uplifting in a clean and decent proletarian sort of way.

MarkBrunson said...

It is, indeed, a Glorious Day for the People!

To Chairman Meow is extended the fraternal greetings and profound best wishes of Premier Miutu Miutovich Miuteavna, and Party President Katzie von Katzenberg.

Wilfried said...


You might be interested to know that cat in Chinese is mao, first (high even) tone, while Mao (the Great Helmsman, the great saving star of the people, etc. etc.) is second (rising) tone, and thus a near homonym.

I would have started reading your blog sooner had I know that your fixation on Maoist agitprop was second only to my own.