Monday, June 27, 2011

So Who Would You Really Rather Spend Time With?

These people?

Or this guy?

Thanks to all of our enemies for advancing our cause so very far just by being their own spiteful churlish selves.

You should see the Like/Dislike bar graph on the second video.


it's margaret said...

Day after day their tragic empires rise... and fall...

No doubt about it Doug --even if I'm the ugly stepsister, I'd rather be among the dancers!

Counterlight said...

I'll take being a troll at the parade over being a babe on Christianist tee vee anytime.

Counterlight said...

Speaking of someone who I'd NEVER spend time with ...

Some people are just assholes.

Thank God for the "Spam" button in the Comments function!

See ya when ya get still another new IP address Brad Evans, ya big obsessive loony! Keep drinking that toxic waste!

Poor Providence, RI, a beautiful city by the bay with Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design, and unfortunately one troll living under a rock eating scorpions for breakfast.

Counterlight said...

Snarks about me are fair game, but laughing at a dying man opens up a door into the outer darkness.

Keep up the harm Brad! And come back soon!

Counterlight said...

So Brad, I hear that you use a computer at Rhode Island College, among a few others in the Providence area.

Brandon Reese said...

Thanks for using my video in your blog. I appreciate the exposure.

Like the site, btw.

-Brandon Reese

Counterlight said...

I enjoyed your video a lot, and I picked it out of several. Thanks Brandon for making it and making it available!

--Doug Blanchard