Thursday, June 30, 2011

Maybe The USA Finally Has Its Own Peter Tatchell, and His Name is Dan Savage

Here is a web only interview with Keith Olberman that is supposedly about the new musical "The Book of Mormon," but covers a lot of other things. I love Savage's dare to Bryan Fischer to "choose to be gay" and to "be gay on him." Assuming that gayness is a switch in the back of the head that can be turned on or off, Dan Savage dares Fischer to turn on that switch and have sex with him. Love it!

I'm sorry fellow religious folks, but I agree with the sentiment, if not always with the letter, of Savage's comments. I think he is being scrupulously fair here, and insightful. I think the word that he uses to describe what gay kids go through in religious upbringings, "spiritual abuse" as opposed to spirituality, is spot on, and he is very careful to draw that distinction between the two. I think he already gets it that we and him are on the same side. I agree that we should stop whispering in his ear, and start shouting at all the candidates for Caiaphas out there (which indeed a lot of us have been doing for a long time). I think we're wasting our time complaining to him that not all Christians endorse this crap. Rather, I think we should think of him, and others like Savage as living in the State of Missouri whose motto is "Show Me."

Bless me Mother Superior for I have sinned.
"How have you sinned my child?"
Back in my retail store days, I was a huge fan of "Savage Love." Us bookstore clerks used to read it aloud in the break room and howl with laughter. Loved it!


June Butler said...

Counterlight, I agree with Savage, too. Thanks for posting the video.

Unknown said...

A very honest and forthright interview. I don't like interviews because mostly people are just talking heads with nothing important or honest to say.

Saying that, I have to say I sat riveted because of the honestly expressed throughout the interview. Oh, and I wish I could make it to NY to see the musical too! Thanks, Doug.

Davis said...

The harsh things he says about our faith are very hard indeed, but need to be considered seriously. I'm personally glad he says them to keep us honest.