Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Republican Platform

The Republican positions all boil down to everyone who isn't a Christian capitalist can "sell a kidney to Ayn Rand Jesus." (Atrios).

No, I didn't bother to watch the debate, which a friend of mine who did watch it described as "idiot Jeopardy."

I've got $5 that says that Mittens will NOT be the Republican nominee. The inmates have taken over the asylum with corporate financing and publicity from Fox News. The far right crazies who now form the base of the party believe that they are the only people who matter. That makes the coalition building necessary for winning in a general election impossible. Romney's early front-runner status and embrace by the party establishment will hurt him with the base crazies even more than his Mormonism.

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Unknown said...

Sadly, that other party sees only the ones who are perfect as their supporters.