Monday, June 27, 2011


God was so angry with New York yesterday that He gave us perfect parade weather. A little overcast and not too hot.

BIG turnout for the parade. The local press estimates a crowd of more than a million, both marchers and watchers.

And wouldn't ya know it, they put us Piskies at the very end of the parade. Fifth Avenue was still very crowded even that late in the parade, and the crowds were very friendly to us this year. The hater contingents apparently gave up and went home before we got there, because I didn't see any this year. I missed Governor Cuomo's triumphal strut down the parade route, but I saw lots and lots of "Thank You Governor Cuomo!" signs. I didn't get to see the Governor, but I did get to see the Brazilian contingent who never disappoint when it comes to putting on a show.
Very very happy crowds this year. Our normally very staid and stately Episcopal contingent was practically dancing down the street this year joined by a spectacularly magnificent and scantily clad dancer who did everything from splits to handstands to wig-changes. Saw a Sarah Palin look-alike working the crowd. Saw Wonder Woman and Super Woman walking hand in hand. Saw a group of trannies all dressed like the royals at Will and Kate's wedding with one of them wearing a spoof of That One Hat made out of a toilet seat.

Favorite signs at the parade:

--"Jesus had two daddies and look how he turned out."

--from a group of rent-boys demanding the legalization of prostitution, "Andrew Cuomo gets a freebie!"

--"Fuck Normality!"

Packed house at St. Luke's Pride Day evensong. Delighted to meet Patrick Cheng and to get a signed copy of his book! LOVED his sermon.

Tired today, and have to teach. See you kids later.


Unknown said...

Sounds like your day was fabulous! Have a great (albeit tired) Monday.

Paul (A.) said...

I never knew the parade was organized by religion.

Counterlight said...

There are a lot of religious contingents in the parade from the Pagans to Dignity to MCC to Congregation Beth Simchat Torah ("Shake your tzi tzis!"), to Buddhist groups, Lutherans, Presbies, Methodists, etc, etc, etc.

There have been for decades.

I think the denomination that has the longest participation in the NY Pride parade is The Quakers. I think they've been in it even before MCC and Dignity were in it.

Counterlight said...

The parade is organized by self-identified groups who sign up for a spot (first come first serve). For a long time, Episcopal congregations marched separately, then together by fits and starts. The diocese is a separate group, and it's a big headache every year to get the parade organizers to put all the Episcopal groups together. We usually ask for the later spot because so many of us are coming straight from church on Sunday morning.

JCF said...

"Jesus had two daddies and look how he turned out."

Mary and the Holy Spirit? I'd say he had two mommies! ;-)