Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Little Discovery

This is an 1861 Republican Party campaign poster announcing Lincoln's election. Look very closely at the inscription on the scroll around the eagle. Remember that this is a Republican poster. Can you imagine any Republican from the last 100 years saying any such thing? Well, other than Teddy Roosevelt.

My! How things have changed!

This is the only image of this I could find online and would dearly love to find a book with this poster to scan so I can make a larger image. I'd love to use that eagle in my sidebar.


Counterlight said...

No wonder Marx felt such enthusiasm for Lincoln.

Counterlight said...

I put the eagle in the sidebar anyway even though it's not as large a I would like. I'll find another bigger reproduction eventually.

JCF said...


Well, that part sounds familiar. ;-)

Counterlight said...

A Republican hasn't said THAT since John Dewey.

Unabashed Progressive said...

I saw this on PBS the other night and have been looking for a long time. I will search my old thick volumes of Lincoln history to see if I can find it there. Maybe we can get a larger version. Great blog, and Cheers!