Monday, July 14, 2008

Be Nice

As the Lambeth Conference of Anglican Bishops approaches in the next few days, here are some shining examples of civility.  A tip of the beret to Atrios at Eschaton for bringing this wonderfully instructive clip to my attention.


David G. said...

Ya know I had someone reply, (anonymously) as usual ...about the PROFANITY on my blog,...I about went off!!

My blog doesn't CLAIM to be Christian, but this person went on and on..about how they hadn't ever seen a Christian blod with as much profanity as about PUKED!!

I told em in nice words to Fek Off!!

Counterlight said...

So far, the right wing search-and-destroy commandos don't seem to have noticed this blog. Like yours, my blog does not claim to be Christian or even religious. This is not a church blog, and I'm neither clergy nor a seminarian.
Fortunately, they don't seem to like art much. Otherwise they would have noticed William Blake telling them where to shove their orthodoxy.

Feck! Arse! Feck! Hairy Arse!

bls said...

That was very funny!

June Butler said...

Hilarious. I thank you, and I thank Atrios for the laugh. And now, Counterlight, you can feck off. You've served your purpose to give me my laugh for the day.

You and David sent me back to my own blog to see what I claim to be. I make no claims, but I do have quotes from the Bible and prayers and stuff, so I guess that one could conclude that I'm Christian. Of course, some say that I'm not - mostly anonymous trolls. However, I make no claim to be an exemplary Christian - none whatsoever.

Counterlight said...

My blog is about whatever pops into my head. That could be about art, or religion, or Daffy Duck, whatever.