Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Kaiser Bill

I've been spending part of my summer reading some German history to prepare for a course I'm teaching in the fall (German Modernism from 1892 to 1937).

After reading about Wilhelmine Germany, I've concluded that Great Great Grandpa Schumacher made the right decision when he took a one way trip to New York in 1849.  I didn't think it possible, but the Germany of Wilhelm II makes the Britain of Victoria look progressive and libertine.

So put those heels together and let's all sing "Heil Dir im Siegerkranz."

I really want one of those helmets with the spike on top.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

The spikes are definitely cool. And they might come in handy for opening beer when you don't have a can opener. (Sorry. It's been a long, long day.)

Grandmère Mimi said...

I really want one of those helmets with the spike on top.

For next year's Gay Pride parade? I actually do have a German helmet from World War I. My father-in-law was a doughboy. The helmet has a bullet hole clear through one side. That soldier didn't make it through the war. No spike, though.

Counterlight said...

I also have a WWI helmet, My grandpa was a front line soldier in France. It's his old helmet, and my mother has it.

Yes, I suppose you could open a beer with that spike. Why not.