Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Bastille Day!

Here she comes, Mademoiselle Liberte with guns blazin', flag flyin', and tits to the wind!  It must be Bastille Day!

Join me, Grandmere Mimi, and President Sarkozy for Champagne and Cigars, and let's all sing along with Placido Domingo.



June Butler said...

I shoulda put up the pitcha. Anyway, thanks for reminding me. I gotta lotta French blood in me, both of the French variety and of the Cajun French kind, which is still French.

Counterlight said...

I sent an email to my cousin in Austin this morning urging him to embrace that French surname that we share. I told him that beneath all that gloomy TransAtlantic protoplasm beats the arrogant and cranky heart of a Frenchman, and to indulge that Gasconade cockiness.
My blood ties to La Belle France may be stretched thin by history, but they are still there none the less.