Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Orpheus, a Better View

Here is a cropped version of the Orpheus picture, thanks to David (Dah-veed). I'm glad y'all liked the glimpse into my untidy studio, but I've got a picture to show.

Enjoy it now without the distractions.


Leonard said...

The Painting is Lovely (what un-tidy studio as I type with multi colored dry paint-all-over-them and me hands).

Counterlight said...

Thanks Leonardo.

Right now, I'm covered in charcoal dust from laying out a new canvas.

Bonnie said...


I like your blog and read it every day along w/Leonardo's. I swore I was not going to make any comments but this is just to fine to pass up without sayin' so.

June Butler said...

I missed this one in my travels. I love what you've done with light and shadow and the colors, the red, the blue and the gold of the guitar. And there's the bright orange.

Orpheus knows something of which the others are oblivious. They can't see his face.