Friday, July 11, 2008

NEVER Piss Off an Artist!

... especially if you're a cartoon character.


it's margaret said...

Art creates reality....!! So, we are all dependent on artists, then? To create our sets and props and life itself!?

reminds me of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" --which is truly a fascinating philosophical discussion of reality.

And I hope I NEVER piss you off! Come in and change my sets and props will you... I like the reality I've created for my self, thank you...

Counterlight said...

Well, Leonardo da Vinci always compared the artist to God the Creator.

Margaret, I doubt that you could ever piss me off.

I'd NEVER mess with your space (unless I was invited, or better, hired to do so).

it's margaret said...

It's a deal then!

--and, I was just being sassy --I have no doubt you wouldn't mess with anybody unless asked to!


Unknown said...

Damn I hope Daffy received hazardous duty pay after that one.