Saturday, May 2, 2009

Every Dog Has It's Day and That Dog's Day is Past

The current Republican party is a sectarian ideological party in a country where most people are not particularly sectarian or ideological.

It also didn't help that 8 years of a Republican President with the aid of 6 years of a Republican Congress (aided and abetted by cringing Democratic enablers) drove the country into a ditch.  And those 8 years were not an aberration, but the culmination of more than 25 years of dominating the political agenda and setting the terms of the debate.


Counterlight said...

So what's the solution? Join the rest of the country and drop the religious right revolution. Go back to being a conservative party instead of a right wing radical party.

Drop Ayn Rand, Jeezus, and the Dominionists and dust off those old copies of Edmund Burke.

My very Jewish very old time West Side New York friend David Kaplan says that today's Republicans remind him so much of the Communists he knew in his youth (a long time ago), apocalyptic true believers always anxious to preserve the purity of party doctrine.

ueber-g said...

Listening to Barney Frank on Bill Maher, he sees a future where the two party system may come to be after a split between "Blue Dog" and "Progressive" Democrats, the Blue Dogs taking in the traditional (pre-religious right) Repubilcans, with the Christo-Fascists being relegated to a permanent third party status. We can only hope.