Saturday, May 23, 2009

What Is the Deepest Hope, the Fondest Wish of the Right Wing?



Counterlight said...

That's NOT what I hope and pray for.

Leonard said...

...the state of being vindicated; specifically: justification against denial or censure: defense

How about going forward and cleaning up the mess?

It astounds me how often grand mistakes are never acknowledged and all the waste and negative energy is used to keep the LIE ALIVE and to somehow convince oneself and OTHERS (validation) that all is compounds the destructiveness. That´s what I keep seeing from Cheney and his strident posturing and lecturing are making his anti-Obama/American Security ¨case¨ seem less meaningful and less and less worthy of even a listen...of course many will hold onto a twig to stay afloat.

JCF said...

Well, I hope it's not my fondest wish. ;-/

Serious question, though: isn't it, really? Because we're all fallen sinners, trying end up on top of "all those b*stards out to get us"?

I see the Right as more driven by the "Fear-of-the-Other" than the Left is (w/ the Other based upon given immutable traits, like race, gender, and sexual orientation).

...but wanting to be Numero Uno, towering over the losers: that's the human condition. IMO.

Counterlight said...

It is the human condition, and we must always be aware of it.
My fondest wish for the world (I hope) does not include my defeated and humiliated enemies groveling at my feet.
It's more about their gay children, their employees, and their neighbors enjoying freedom and dignity.

I hope my fondest wish is less about my antagonists defeated at my feet and more about them figuring out that someone else gaining something is not about them losing anything. I am from my antagonists. I was born into the dominant race, the dominant gender, the dominant religion, though not quite into the dominant class. I am one of them. In my experience growing up among them, there is our overwhelming fear that someone else's freedom comes at the expense of ours. That conviction keeps us chained to our fears and humiliated by history.