Friday, July 1, 2011

The Chinese Communists Turn 90

Today is the 90th birthday of the Chinese Communist Party, and I'm sparing the huzzahs.
The Chinese Communist Party (along with the Catholic hierarchy) is one of those organizations that makes me seriously consider the old anarchist assertion that all organizations end in tyranny, that today's movement is only tomorrow's ruling oligarchy determined to stay in power at all costs. The Communist oligarchy's determination to rule has already cost millions of lives (see the aftermath of the Great Leap Forward), and now, they've thrown out their original faith. Becoming a Party member has nothing to do with embracing any policy positions or sets of principles. It's all about social and career advancement. Being a member has a lot of advantages over not being a member. The rulers of China long ago traded in ruthless communism for ruthless capitalism (and the world's capitalists love it; a huge cheap and pacified labor force with no independent labor unions, a huge government apparatus that can favor your business and punish your competitors, a colossal army and security state to secure assets and capital, a compliant state press with no competition, so no political and social instability; a banker's dream come true!), and now they have a very real chance to dominate the world. I'm no fan of the American Empire and do not lament its decline, but I don't look forward to these folks stepping into the power vacuum we leave behind.

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