Monday, July 18, 2011

For President in 2012, Counterlight's Peculiars Endroses ...


At this point, nobody is the best candidate. The Republicans are all in a race to see who can be the most toxic and crazy, and Obama gave away the whole store and the deed to the house. Obama finally lost my vote with putting Social Security and Medicare on the negotiating table. If there's one bedrock thing left that distinguishes a Democrat, it's defending those 2 programs, two of the most successful government programs ever, against right wingers who've wanted to end both since their inceptions (1936 and 1965 respectively, a long time to cherish grudges). Once that's traded away, then there's just no point anymore. Add that to the expansion of the national security state, the failure of mortgage relief policies, the downright indulgent treatment of the financial industry that created the whole mess, and that adds up to more than I'm willing to overlook for the sake of a few gay rights victories and a significant reform of the student loan program.

Ours is a system of legalized corruption, and both parties are getting funds from the same sources. Those funders are clearly and openly buying influence, and now the Supreme Court says that they do not have to be publicly accountable. For all we know, China and Saudi Arabia could be major funders of American political campaigns. We won't find out anytime soon. We know the financial, petroleum, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries are major sponsors of the US government. It has become so prohibitively expensive to run for federal office, that Congress (and especially the Senate) has become a millionaires' club. Politics on the federal level (and increasingly on the state level) is now a rich man's game, and exclusively so. They all belong to the same clubs, come from the same schools, worked in the same law firms. Small wonder that Republicans are such proud plutocrats and Democrats cave so readily. Both parties work for the same employers.

It is very early in the election cycle, and I reserve the right to change my mind. But at this point, rather than throw my vote away on a spoiler third party candidate, I'd rather not vote for anyone for president. At this point, it might be more productive to concentrate on Congressional and state elections. Whereas federal Dems are all fluffy bunnies, state legislative Dems can sometimes fight like terriers, probably because they don't have quite so many corporate ties and don't come from the same charmed circles as federal politicians.


Robert Kuttner speaks for me.  Obama is going to have to work for it if he wants my vote next year.  


Tristan Alexander said...

And not supporting President Obama is the same as voting for the evil Republican choice! We have no other option and I for one still like and support the President. I may not agree with everything he has done but I sure as hell prefer him than ANY Republican!

it's margaret said...

Apparently, the spin about 'offering' medicare and SSI is that --spin... What he actually offered was the suggestion that the wealthy not get as much in return and pay more for the benefits when they come to use them.... I would like the law be lifted that the wealthy stop paying for the benefits when their salary tops $90,000 (or the real number close to that).

But I certainly understand what you are saying. I stopped voting for YEARS because I didn't even want in on the game. The whole thing is perverse and corrupt. And that comes from a history of third party votes or write ins (as in Jesse Jackson). But I learned that those votes are instead a vote for my own enemies. And not voting is choosing silence, which is also a benefit for those who would do harm.

I will probably vote for Obama with a very bad taste in my mouth. And a great deal of grief for this country which has descended into madness.

Counterlight said...

I hope you are right Margaret. I hope this is all just so much political kabuki. So far, I will vote, but it will be in other races besides President. Again, I reserve the right to change my mind.

JCF said...

I cannot tell a lie: I bought an "Obama 2012" from the Dem table at the State Fair yesterday, and put in on my car today.

He ain't the greatest . . . he's just All We Got. Vote for him! GOTV for him! And if necessary/you're able, give $ to him!

Counterlight said...

What if he sells us all out?

Tristan Alexander said...

"What if he sells us all out"?? At least in his case there i a question there and we have a chance he will NOT! ANY Republican that gets nominated is your ENAMY!! THEY already have sold us all out!! So I don't see any point to fear Obama! Stop listening to the Republican spin and start supporting the only hope we have!!

JCF said...

What if he sells us all out?

Doug, I know enough to know what I don't know. I genuinely believe that Obama knows more than I do---esp. about the Art of the Possible.

This does NOT mean I don't/can't criticize him! [Esp re SSM, I join the crowd that says "Evolve Already!" And let's get the f@ck out of Afghanistan ASAP!]

But on budget and domestic policy priorities, I think he probably has a better grasp of the issues than I do.

And if he doesn't want to hold a line that CRASHES the economy, ensuring his electoral defeat, I understand that, too.

He's not Superman . . . but he is a VERY smart, genuinely principled man. That's what I believe.

[Oh: and all the alternatives are DISASTROUS, as Tristan says. "Don't make the Perfect the enemy of the Good"]