Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hans Hofmann, Veluti in Speculum

I took some pictures of this painting which was made in 1962. The title translates "As in a Mirror."

I'm not normally a huge fan of Hofmann, but I've always loved this picture. I figured after Johns' White Flag and those marble sculptures of Daniel Chester French we could use some color.

Hofmann painted this in his studio down on 8th Street in Greenwich Village, the same one that Jimi Hendrix would later use as a recording studio.

This painting is full of little delightful and unexpected surprises, and is worth looking at closely.

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JCF said...

I could see how someone could "admire the brushstrokes." Sort of Rothko meets Mondrian? (I'm trying to drop names here, but probably not succeeding).

My grandmother, Collins Peeke, went through a similar period (around the same time, give or take).

But truthfully, I'm not that crazy about it. I just don't see a "There", there.