Friday, July 15, 2011

That '70s

"I am not going back to that filthy decade without lots of Purell!" -- Francine Smith from "American Dad."

and yet, some of us miss it.

Vicious and Rotten at the Longhorn Ballroom in Dallas in 1978. Vicious is bleeding from being clocked in the face with a beer bottle. He still played the whole show, what a trooper! Sid was no Django Reinhardt, and usually had his amps turned off, but he was the ultimate punk. To my everlasting regret, I had an invite to go see this and turned it down.

I wish I could say that I was the gay Sid Vicious making it with Pete Shelly to the music of George Clinton, but in reality I spent most of the decade being a neurotic nebish deep in The Closet making very tentative forays out of it. I never heard any of this stuff until after I went to art school in 1977.


JCF said...

I was deeper in The Closet and STILL haven't heard (of) some of it! ;-)

[That, and being just a FEW years younger.]

Have long loved "Psycho Killer" though. I especially love singing it during sessions of Kat Aboos w/ my favorite kittehs: "Psycho Kitty, Ques Que Se: Fa, fa, fa, Fa, fa! Fa, fa, fa, Fa, fa!" ;-D

MadPriest said...

Miss it?
I refused to leave it.

Counterlight said...

The last angry and exuberant outburst of the Counterculture (which was always about anarchy) before the long deep freeze of the Reaction began.

Indeed, some of us never left it, and rejoice to see it ever new and flourishing underground even now. Despite the best efforts of the Chamber of Commerce and the Real Estate Market to pave over the life of this city and to price it out into the Atlantic, New York remains as edgy as it ever was.