Thursday, July 28, 2011

So Much for Poor Lazarus

Dives is in Washington DC laughing at him.

Doing my part to spread this. Here's more on this chart, which turns out to be the creation of a left-wing Christian group on Facebook called what else, Christian Left.

Keep all this in mind when anyone uses the term "shared sacrifice,"

Middle class me wonders why my future Medicare benefits should be scaled back so that some hedge fund manager who makes my annual salary in less than a minute can continue to pay a lower tax rate than I do.

Let them eat Ayn Rand...

...preferably au poivre.

And in case you're wondering just who exactly is responsible for this mess, here's another chart:

James Fallows expands upon this chart and on who is responsible for creating this mess.


The proles push back. The first IKEA manufacturing plant in the USA in Swedwood, Virginia voted to unionize on Wednesday in a 3 to 1 landslide. Congratulations!

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MarkBrunson said...

I don't know whether it's apocryphal or not, but I'm told one of Rand's favorite editors, when asked about her popularity, responded with: "She's the best writer of children's fiction out there!"

She was. It's an adolescent, or pre-pubescent fantasy that, somehow, the dreadful, parasitic mass of the human race is getting all MY stuff! They see themselves as victims, because to do otherwise would force them to see that they aren't particularly bright, good or deserving, and the damned idiots in this country allowed all those sullen children into the position of making our laws!

They think they're Harry Potter, but they're just Death Eaters with no particular brains or flair.