Thursday, July 21, 2011

"Hot Enough To Boil A Monkey's Bum in Here, Your Majesty!"

It's hot in New York, and that fragrance on the breeze smells like the old half a tuna fish sandwich she's carrying in her purse.


It's bleeding hot here in New York today 7/23. It's 94F out and it's 10AM. It is officially cooler in Phoenix right now. The expected high for the city today is 101F. Expect that temperature to be 15-20 degrees hotter in the subway stations. ConEd is already doing power cutbacks in Queens and Westchester County.

To make matters worse, a sewage treatment plant in Harlem caught fire and leaked raw sewage into the Hudson, closing beaches in Brooklyn and Staten Island. What's more, Rush Limbaugh now says that the heat index is a communist conspiracy.

Summer in New York City, it's hot and it smells like shit.

I plan to spend the day in the air-conditioned dark with Michael and the cats grading papers.

For those of you enduring similar hardships, here is a little heat-related entertainment:

... and Miss Piggy's version:

Stay cool everyone!


It is 2:50PM and it's 104F. Tomorrow, we are expecting a high of 108F.


Brian R said...

The Queen is shaking hands with Kevin Rudd, Australia's Foreign Minister and, until a year ago, Prime Minister.
A devout High Church Anglican who attended my church when in Sydney, I doubt he would use such language -:)

Counterlight said...

I doubt any head of government would, but it's a funny to think that they might.

Ciss B said...

Love the videos, Doug! We're hot here too and it's been great for the beach crowd, but not for those who are literally melting from the heat and humidity! They keep promising us cooler days, but they have yet to materialize!