Friday, December 2, 2011

Economic Thoughts For The Day

**Considering all the recent revelations about the 2008 bank bailout, it would have been cheaper, and more productive, just to write a $25000 check to everyone with a Social Security number, a point Atrios (among others) has been making for a long time now.

**I'm sure that Spain, Greece, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, and Ireland will be delighted to cede a significant portion of their sovereignty to a central European bank dominated by Germany. Why let a few really bad memories stand between them and more austerity? What could possibly go wrong?
The idea of impoverishing for prosperity makes about as much sense to me as fucking for chastity (to paraphrase an old joke from the Vietnam War).
Maybe it would be cheaper and more productive to write a check for 15000 Euros to everyone in the Eurozone with a Social Security number.

All the world seems to be ruled by a mean stingy rich uncle in the Mafia (or by the ghost of Leona Helmsley who disinherited her kids and left all her fortune to her dog).

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