Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hillary Clinton's Speech on LGBT Rights to the UN in Geneva

This is historic. Never in my younger years did I ever imagine that I would live to hear such a speech.

Eleanor Roosevelt of fond memory with what may be her greatest accomplishment. This document was belittled and ignored all through the Cold War, but now seems to be coming into its own as a major historical watershed.

Someone else who richly deserves credit for the UN Human Rights Declaration, Dag Hamarskjöld, who would have been particularly gratified by today's speech.

And this speech is a culmination of a long hard journey that began with these folks in 1969.


Tristan Alexander said...

Thank You President Obama!

susan s. said...

Yes, it was great!!

JCF said...

Don't you think it's time to return "Hope", Doug? (Or are you holding out for an SSM-endorsement? Something else?)

Counterlight said...

I'll have something to say about President Obama eventually, and yes, I plan to credit him for being the most gay friendly of all presidents.