Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pearl Harbor Day 70

Instead of the usual film of the destruction of the Arizona, I want to remember the 70th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor with this poster from World War II, a reminder of what that war was all about, and of what we still struggle for today.

I remember today my older cousin James Corey who was a Marine stationed on the Arizona when the bombs struck this morning 70 years ago, and survived to fight again in the Pacific. He was one of 13 survivors from that ship.

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JCF said...

Dad and I chatted about "where he was" this morning.

He was measuring salmon runs for the DeptFish&Game near Modesto (CA). When he stopped in at a gas station, he was told, and listened to FDR on the radio.

He volunteered for the Army AirCorp and Navy (wanting to fly), but when rejected (for his color blindness), he figured he'd wait to be drafted. Six months later, he was. Got pneumonia during basic, got better, went to OCS and gunnery school.

It then turned out they DID want colorblind guys, to fly air-defense on bombers (cuz they could see through camouflage better). Dad "But [he'd by then learned] those guys were the first one's HIT by anti-aircraft. I wasn't suicidal!" [Heh-heh: good ol' dad!]

Then sent to Alaska. Where I saw the pics of him catching more of those wonderful salmon that were his life's passion! ;-)

Set to invade Japan. Bomb dropped. Came home to California. The End!

God bless my old "dogface". God rest those who didn't make it home.