Friday, December 16, 2011

Note to My Readers

... all 2 of you out there.

This blog has been rather spotty the past few days. I'm buried in work right now with the end of the semester. Believe it or not, I have a lot of projects underway in my studio, but none of them are getting finished and are on hold. Not only the workload, but also some necessary construction prevents me from going there. They are installing new windows and heating in my studio, but they are also having plumbing problems in the building (as in port-o-potties in the back lot).

On top of all that, I'm back on the insomnia/ depression treadmill up at 3AM playing solitaire and feeling like crap in the morning. And yes, I do go to bed earlier these days, usually around 10PM.

Above all, I'm feeling an overwhelming sense of futility these days. Maybe it's just the annual holiday blues and it will pass as soon as Xmas is over.

I hope to be back to regular posting shortly after Christmas, if not before.

And since Brad Evans, our resident sociopath, is back in business, I'm taking the comments offline. If you wish to speak to me, then do so on Facebook or by email.


JCF said...

One of those 2 ;-/ hopes things are going better, Doug. Happiest holidays to you and yours...

Tristan Alexander said...

Much more than 2 I have seen many responses to your posts! Many more than I ever get on mine!