Thursday, December 8, 2011

Yes, This Blog Will Endorse Obama

Because of this ...

The sales staff down at the used car lot.

... a great argument for taking the bus.

When the party agenda is based on cherished prejudices instead of actual experience, then these are the sorts of folks you can expect to run on that agenda.

And of course, there's this reason:

A sloshing bucket o'slime.

I hope this sets some minds at ease.


Ciss B said...

I will too.

Mary Clara said...

I agree, Doug, though I think you are being unfair to people who sell used cars!

JCF said...

OK, I see you judging Obama the (seriously) less of evils here.

But this (ahem) endorsement is still (IMO) quite a bit short of "I plan to credit him for being the most gay friendly of all presidents."

JCF the Obot.

Counterlight said...

This is not my last word on the subject (with the presidential election year not even started, are you kidding? of course I'll have more to say!).