Thursday, December 11, 2008

"And when you're gay you dress that way, there's nothing wrong with that!"

Continuing my Busby Berkeley fixation now with this big wonderful fruit salad of a number featuring Carmen Miranda:

Let's face it, this number from The Gang's All Here set the international gold standard for camp for all time.

Apologies to Luiz where ever you are.

And who would you really rather spend time with?
a bunch of fat old bishops singing praise music? all those vinegar drinkers over at Titus, Firm, and Virtue?

Or with Carmen Miranda and her legions of admirers in a paper mache banana plantation on a 1943 Hollywood sound stage?


JCF said...

Continuing my (off-topic) comment from below: if you move your fixation just slightly from Camp to Kink (or Campy Kink! Kinky Camp?), maybe you could do a salute to Betty Page, who just 10 minutes ago I learned was "freed from (mortal) bondage", so to speak?

[I'd love to see the movie that just came out about her life a couple of years ago. Such is my smalltown life, no such luck]

Wormwood's Doxy said...

Is that a trick question?