Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oh My God! I Love Her Even More!!

Margaret Cho comes out! She's a Christian, and always has been. She says so herself, "I'm a Christian, you fuckers!" 
 Life couldn't possibly get more fabulous! (Well, maybe President Obama officiating at a great mass gay wedding might).


JCF said...

Dang, how did I miss hearing about this? (She posted that mid-September)

Margaret is the *epitome* of Awesome!

[And did you catch her in "Prop 8: The Musical"?]

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Simply stunning.

JCF said...

...and I'd certainly rather have La Cho give the Invocation at Obama's Inauguration, than that fucker Rick Warren! >:-(

Counterlight said...

Is Rick Warren really going to do the invocation at the inauguration?