Monday, December 22, 2008

Damn Workers!

Let's put the blame for the economic collapse right where it belongs, on autoworkers, and their unreasonable demands to be employed and paid decently.  And it was Fannie and Freddie loaning out all that money to black people who ruined the housing market, right?  It certainly is not the fault of all those executives in the financial industry who stole or lost billions, and are now using government money to fund their golden parachutes!  It certainly isn't the fault of all those executives who turned the whole financial industry into one big casino, and now no one knows who's honest and who's a crook.

What are you, some kind of a communist?

(Irony off)


Padre Mickey said...

Yep, Black autoworkers trying to buy homes they don't deserved destroyed the world economy. It's got nuttin' to do with them big honkin' bonuses and salaries the white guys at the top have been payin' each other for all these years.

And yes, I am a communist.

Counterlight said...

Shocked yes shocked I am that Padre Mickey is a communist.

Now see what you've done! You made Ayn Rand cry!

toujoursdan said...

What's frightening is how many people believe what PM is saying. The 30+ years of corporate propaganda has had a big effect.

David G. said...

Sites I frequent wouldn't go that far.... even though they are racist.

Sounds like an Iker or Schofield rant!!

Grandmère Mimi said...

What a bunch of damn commies! I'll bet y'all are all on a list. I'll bet that I'm on the same list.

JCF said...

Preach it, Doug!

JCF, who observes the Livin' Large goin' on in Michigan by all the Blue-Collar Billionaires. Not.