Friday, December 12, 2008

UN Human Rights declaration for LGBTs anyone? Anyone?

Toujoursdan over at Culture Choc directs us to this article by Peter Tatchell in the Guardian about something momentous struggling to be born over at UN headquarters, a UN resolution calling for the world wide decriminalization of homosexuality.  It is being sponsored by Canada and most of the Western European nations.  It has some surprising support from countries like  Mexico, Ecuador, Guinea-Bissau, and Israel.

The Vatican, in league with the Islamic countries, is leading the opposition, to no one's surprise.
The USA is not endorsing the resolution, and neither is Australia.
Curiously (or not), our leftist comrades in Cuba and Venezuela are silent on this resolution.

It is strange that this is stirring not a peep of notice in the press, not even in the gay press.


JayV said...

Thanks for this post, which I've shared with my readers on my blog and also on my facebook page!

Brian R said...

There are some comments in the gay press. I and the letters editor of our city paper have been trying to gain confirmation of the Australian position without success. I have emailed our Foreign Minister and the Minister for Climate Change (a lesbain) but no reply. Both are overseas.