Monday, December 22, 2008

Working For a Purer More Wholesome America

A lesbian was brutally gang raped in San Francisco December 13.

Ride on ye Knights of Christ!

The Pope says that these guys really are doing God's work.  Thanks guys for keeping the world "normal."

And we all know that spikes in anti-gay violence are in no way connected to anti-gay political initiatives and public pronouncements by powerful religious figures, right?


Keep fighting for a 'Normal' World!


Anonymous said...

Oh, but Huckabee thinks we aren't really a minority because we aren't victims of violence.


David G. said...

Huckabee, Robertson, Warren, = HATE!!!

We know that!!

But Obama?!? ...we think we know.......>

With Warren for a pick, .... We may have assumed too much!!

JCF said...

I simply Do Not Exist, in the Pope's worldview.

[Of course, if someone doesn't exist in the first place, it's a lot easier to kill 'em off/turn your back, while others do the dirty work, ala the rape in Richmond]