Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nothing works better to wash out the taste of shame and humiliation than a big dose of anger.

Gay Anger in 1970: Marty Robinson shakes the hand of then Governor Nelson Rockefeller, and refuses to let go until Rock hears the full story on gay rights in New York State. Robinson was a founding member of Gay Activists Alliance in New York, a veteran of the Stonewall riot, and a union carpenter all his life. He also invented the "zap," of which this is a good example.

The gay kids are getting angry again. A whole new generation of activists is springing up in the wake of Proposition H8.

The work remains unfinished, and thank God there's a whole new generation eager to continue the fight, and perhaps do a better job at it than we did.


Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Not really "better" dear Counterlight, but more successful, the Times are prepared (by us) and ready to take it!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Not quite ready to sit quietly yet...there is a whole world of experience to be shared by people like us...I love you guys.

Have a great night