Thursday, December 11, 2008

So, Who Gets to Be A Minority? Where Do We Go to Apply?

There has long been an argument over whether or not LGBTs "qualify" as a minority, as though we have to fill out some kind of government form and list historical antagonists and grievances in order to qualify. There are some LGBTs who have trouble with the idea that they are in a minority status, that it's only their sexual orientation that sets them apart from "normal" society. Sorry, but the Club will never let you or your boyfriend/girlfriend be a member ever, no matter how straight your tie looks.

Minorities are the creations of majorities. A group of people singled out from the general population for any reason -- eye color, skin color, political opinions, religious creed, no creed, left handedness, ethnicity, language, impairment, gender, no gender, attracted to the same gender, stars on their bellies, whatever the majority finds unusual and alienating -- joins the ranks of the vampires.

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Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Just take a few moments to contemplate the 6 Categories of Laterans II-IV.

Jews (who's a Jew?), Muslims, Heretics (but not the Valdensians), Bastards (meaning sons of married Priest, daughters didn't count), Sodomites (especially married Priests according to Lateran IV ;=) and Lepers (difficult to diagnose even today).

Outcast. Byt wholly artificial.