Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dark Thoughts at 7AM

Politics -- a big game.

Economics -- an even bigger game.

Religion -- politics with spiritual pretensions

Christianity -- an imperial cult of legalism and machismo.

Islam -- a rival imperial cult of legalism and machismo.

Money -- The truly jealous god that everyone really believes in and expects to work miracles.

The world -- over 200 countries that hate each other's guts, whose leaders are all more or less corrupt, and who use their subjects' fear and hatred of outsiders to maintain power and legitimacy.

The rest of us -- the door prize at the conquerors' ball.


Rick+ said...

     Oh, Doug! My dark thoughts usually happen around 3:00 AM.

     Still, when all the votes are counted, and the banks close for the night, and those who hate have done their worst... there is still Jesus. He abides.

motheramelia said...

Those are pretty dark thoughts and they have a solid basis, but Rick is right. There is light in the darkness and it is love.

June Butler said...

All this before your tea? My dear Counterlight, this is no way to start your day.

I'm usually too groggy to think deep thoughts early in the morning. On bad days, I agree with everything you've said (later in the day, of course!). On better days, I have hope.

Counterlight said...

I do have my cranky moments, but the darkness, I hope, continues to be the start of the story, and not its end; the backdrop that makes light shine even brighter.