Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Teabaggers Get Punked in Minnesota

Robert Erickson is all for shipping back the immigrants to where they came from, to Europe! Columbus Go Home!

I have to admire the courage of these folks throwing right wing bigotry right back in the faces of the middle aged white teabaggers. This ended with some violence. Punches were thrown at a small group of counter-demonstrators by some teabaggers who really did not like getting punked.


Anonymous said...

We just published a new video of Robert Erickson and the whole scene @ Twin Cities IMC - check it out:


It shows the priceless crowd reaction to Robert's speech and weird weird interactions w/ Ruthie, Sue and the other teabaggers. Columbus go home!

Anonymous said...

So this was a prophetic ministry?
What is your view of immigration laws? If we don't have any enforcement, what do you think will happen to the costs of running the country?

Counterlight said...

So what are you afraid of Anonymous?

I deal with immigrants daily. The only people in this country who aren't immigrants are people who live on reservations.

My German ancestors were 19 year old kids, unmarried with a baby, who were stowaways on a boat from Danzig in 1849. They didn't come here "legally," and neither did my French ancestors who moved down from Quebec to Kentucky. And they came for the same reasons my students are here; to make a better life, and to escape persecution.

Us white folk ain't exactly royalty (well, maybe the Bushes).