Monday, November 23, 2009

For Mimi; Distance Vision

Now that your cataracts are finally gone, click on each of these and enjoy the view

Brueghel, Haymaking

Brueghel, Harvesting

Friedrich, Morning Landscape

Friedrich, The Evening Star

Bierstadt, Storm in the Rocky Mountains


June Butler said...

Doug, thank you. The paintings are lovely. I'm captivated by the hay in the second painting down The workers seem to be enjoying their lunch break.

I like the Bierstadt, but painters don't seem to get the Rocky Mountains right. They paint an idealized Rockys, when the real mountains are so beautiful. I bought a painting from a gallery in Colorado that shows my Rockys. I'm not home, so I can't give the artist's name. I should check him out to see if he ever became famous. Back when we had very little money, we bought art which was pricey for our budget. Some might say that our priorities were skewed.

motheramelia said...

Fun to see the pictures. Mimi, I hope the surgery lets you see paintings in their true colors. I was shocked after my cataracts were removed how they changed the colors I saw.