Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sins of Convenient Silence

Anyone else find this picture to be unspeakably scandalous? Anyone remember this back in 1994? Anyone remember the world reaction when about a million people died in Rwanda that year? Anyone remember Darfur anymore, or Burma?

Something similar may be afoot in Uganda with LGBTs in the jaws of the wolves.

This time, if our church leaders won't say anything, then let's raise the alarm ourselves.

Sign this petition protesting the draconian new legislation criminalizing homosexuality in Uganda.

*Speaking of massacres in churches, a detailed report has come out showing the fingerprints of American religious right-wingers all over the Uganda legislation and similar anti-gay pogroms brewing in central Africa.  See Simon Sarmiento's Thinking Anglicans for the full report.


June Butler said...

What a disgrace! I can't believe the sound of silence from TEC leaders and the ABC.

Leonard said...

Furthermore, KJS has the nerve, yes nerve, to ask us to consider her behind the scene ¨communications¨ with other Primates, Lambeth Palace and Politcal folks...KJS has forgotten her ¨place¨...hers is a ¨calling¨ that promotes peace and love for HER FLOCK and beyond...her ¨flock¨ rarely hears from her except when discussing ¨crucified places¨ (ours), ¨fasting¨ (ours), and eliminating Evangelism (at OUR Church Center) think we are supposed to ¨buy into¨ this ¨unthinkable¨ idea of ignoring pending murder laws against LGBT people in Uganda, and severe punishment for our families and friends and PRIESTS, is darn stupid...prudent it isn´t, dodging REAL moral issues it IS! The ABC and York are simply covering their own tiresomes asses.