Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Keep the Alka Seltzer out of sight.

I'm still thankful for the black guy in the White House, despite his determination to fight for America's national testosterone in Afghanistan right down to the last high school grad who can't afford college; despite his unrequited fondness for Republicans; and despite the free bailouts to Wall Street. If he brings off anything like real health insurance reform without a legally mandated bonanza for the insurance industry, he'll be the greatest President since Roosevelt as far as I'm concerned.
Just imagine President Glenn Beck weeping on national teevee as he signs those executive orders to invade Venezuela and Iran, and to lock up the fags and deport the Latinos before an audience of teabaggers baying for blood.

After 8 years of arrogant reckless Republican rule, I'm thankful for over-cautious always on the defensive Democrats.


Brad Evans said...

I'm always grateful for both Fundigelicall Republicans and "progressive" Mainline Protestants "who think of their religious traditions as just another form of community organizing" (Chr. Hitchens). Makes the case against religion so much easier.

Counterlight said...

I see Brad's been praying to Saint Stalin and Saint Ayn again.