Monday, November 23, 2009

Dry Kegs of Gunpowder

Yesterday was the 46th anniversary of John F. Kennedy's murder. With all the people on the right trying to appropriate his memory, Digby at Hullabaloo reminds us how the right really felt about him back then. This ad appeared in Dallas November 21, 1963.

There are days when I calculate alternative routes to get home from my office just in case something happens to Obama. The Bronx (and most every city in the USA) would erupt like Krakatoa if anything happened to him. I pray daily for his safety and for the safety of his family.

Read this ad and then tell me if anything has really changed over there on the far paranoid right in 46 years.


motheramelia said...

I wonder if there are just more of the far right paranoids today, mostly because the internet makes their message more available. The message is the same. Hate, hate, hate anyone and anything that is not just like me.

Mac said...

And, of course, it was a Communist (left wing) enthusiast who actually decided to kill him, a fact which the Left immediately rushed to submerge under dark mutterings about the "far right" and moonbat conspiracy theories.

Never forget.

Rick+ said...

     This is a part of history I didn't know. When are we going to learn that murder begins in the heart and words do indeed turn into bullets?

Counterlight said...

I'm one of that small minority that thinks that Oswald did it, and that he did it himself. Oswald was a paranoid nutcase as the Soviets knew all along. Kennedy was hardly the first world leader to be murdered out of the blue by a lunatic (remember Henry IV of France; Queen Victoria suffered 5 assassination attempts, all by lunatics).

I don't think any cabal murdered Kennedy.

I do think that Oswald made a lot of people's fondest wish come true.

Be careful what you wish for Mac (or Brad).

Counterlight said...

I remain convinced that MLK's murder was a conspiracy. There were a lot of people, very rich and powerful people, who wanted him dead.

I would imagine that the same people who had a hand in King's death still own and run the United States.

Brad Evans said...

We're all so lucky that you condescend to live among us, spreading your light, progressive touch.
"Take up the (progressive)White Man's burden".

JCF said...

Sad Brad: he has no friends.