Saturday, November 7, 2009

Maybe It's Time to Shut This Down

It seems like my blog has become a magnet for spam and some really nasty trolls. I'm giving serious thought to shutting it down. I'm very busy with my job these days with the responsibilities piling up. I don't have the time I once did to spend with this thing.
I have students and colleagues, as well as a partner, for whom I am responsible. I see them daily, and their needs take precedence over what ever might come my way in text form through the cyber-ether. I don't have the time or the inclination to deal with obsessives who leave drive-by comments reminding me of how much they hate me and all I stand for. Instead of opinionating and rehashing art history lectures, perhaps I should be spending more of that energy in my studio, what little time I have right now to spend there.

This blog is a great outlet for me. I don't usually get to hold forth. Academic life, far from being free and open, comes with a million and one constraints, official and unofficial. Michael doesn't really share my interests much. I don't get to talk shop much with other artists these days like I once did. I don't really get much opportunity to opinionate. So, I would miss this little self-made soapbox and exhibition hall. But, it is getting to be another source of stress and irritation, and one that I can afford to lose.

I haven't made a decision yet, but faithful readers, I will keep you posted. Thanks for your thoughts, your comments, your criticisms, and dissents. I've enjoyed and learned from them all. Perhaps we can continue this conversation in some kind of modified form.


rick allen said...

I will be sorry to see your blog go, and, if asked for advice, I would say, keep it up, but don't feel any obligation to post as often as you do. This is from purely selfish considerations on my part.

I have had a blog for a few years, and must say I have no faithful readers--it's mostly talking to myself. I am lucky to post something once a month. Still I find it fun to have, on occasion.

But life must always trump blog. If you stay around, less frequently, I'll keep checking in, but less frequently as well. If you shut it down, be sure to print it out for your own records, and I'll just say, "Thanks for what you did thus far. I enjoyed it, and learned something from it." said...

If you shut it down the trolls win and we lose. Just shut off the comments for awhile and keep on sharing. Maybe they will go away. I always enjoy your posts.

Wormwood's Doxy said...

What Rick said. I have learned so much from you!

I do not understand the ugliness. I went to comment moderation which keeps the trolls away for the most part. That, of course, means that one cannot engage in witty banter on my blog, but we can't have everything, can we?

Do what you need to do, but I'll miss you if you go.


Counterlight said...

Rick Allen, you must learn to trumpet your own horn. I had no idea you had a blog. It's on the sidebar now.

Well, there's a little incentive to keep at it, build a little audience for Rick Allen. That certainly would be worthwhile.

Counterlight said...

Thanks for the encouragement folks. It really does mean a lot to me.

Jay Simser, you may be right.

nomad said...

Hi, I am a fellow artist and I enjoy your blog. I'm also an art historian, come to think of it, so we have a lot in common. I only recently discovered your blog, so I'm kinda hoping you would continue. Heck, post on my blog. I often post your posts anyway.


Counterlight said...

I should threaten to shut this thing down more often. I get all these new blogs brought to my attention.

nomad is now on the sidebar, and yes, I will visit it.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

What Doxy said, dear Counterlight!

Leonard said...

Dear Doug,

Rick Allen said it all. I would add to your remarks about the custom built ¨place¨ to stand and say whatever it is you want to say and think about...I also get a few nasty driveby everyday life, they´re always around (we normally don´t see them in print and sometimes it´s good that I do).

I love the richness of your blog composition and varied, great glimpses from many angles of many subjects.

I also feel as though I know you and because of that would welcome a visit anytime from you and your dear fun it would be to show you around amongst the Mayas, the Spanish Colonist decendents (and the ruins). Just between the two of us, the Mayas are winning in the home stretch.

You are greatly appreciated, thanks again for your efforts here...often , wonders to behold...strike up the band.


Counterlight said...

Thanks Leo. You're the greatest.

Lapinbizarre said...

Please stick with it. It's a great pity that yours, of all sites, should be a magnet for this. I tend to see the upswing in trollery, which I have particularly noticed at Mark Harris's site (tolerant man that he is, he sometimes lets infuriating nonsense through moderation), as a sign of increasing desperation on the part the posters. The world does not always go according to their Divine Plan, does it?

Counterlight said...

And the infuriating nonsense Fr. Mark lets through can be so long and verbose.

Lapin, you may be right about the trollery. The rhetoric may be getting more heated because they feel the ground shifting under their feet.

Kirkepiscatoid said...

I luvs your blog and you luvs to make the posts. Don't let the trolls win. I'm with Doxy. Sometimes even just moderating the comments for a while helps. Several of our bloggy friends have done that on a temporary basis or added the secret letters permanently.

JayV said...

I agree with what Göran, Doxy, Rick Allen and Leonardo wrote!
I learn so much from you (art, faith) and love when you get on your soapbox about NYC and national politics. - Jay Vos

rick allen said...

"It's on the sidebar now."

Cool, my first blogroll. Gracias.

But one correction is in order. "Fr. Rick." Only in the literal sense (i.e., wife, children, pets, enormous debts, etc.). Decided laity.

Unless you were being sarcastic. In which case it's OK. :)

Counterlight said...

Oops. I had the mistaken impression that you were clergy. The problem shall be corrected.

Rick+ said...

     I'd hate to see you completely give it up. Who's going to educate this poor hick from Nevada if you don't? Without your blog, I'd probably go back to thinking pastel-colored coyotes wearing bandanas are art. How could you go on with that on your conscience?

Counterlight said...

I always thought Jesus driving a big rig truck on black velvet was really great art.

Then again, there are garden cut-out fanny ornaments.

And of course there is that old Southern classic, the tire painted white and planted with marigolds (petunias for those with more demanding taste).

Rick+ said...

     Yes! Yes! You see what I'm saying, Doug! The white tires with petunias and the cute coyotes are a slippery slope! Next thing you'd know, I'd be at tea bag rallies! All this would be on your head.

     Seriously, though, each of your posts includes the work and fine graphics that aren't contained in a month of others' posts. I would be grateful to see something from you once a month.

IT said...

I love your blog. I learn so much from it. Glad you will keep it open.