Monday, November 1, 2010

All Saints Day

Here are some of mine.

Francis of Assisi

Mary Magdalene

Julian of Norwich

Benedict of Nursia

Martin Luther King Jr.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer (for his theology as much as for his martyrdom)

Jonathan Swift

Mychal Judge (for the entire witness of his life, and not just for his martyrdom).

Mahalia Jackson

John Wesley

Oscar Romero

Saint Benedict gives us a fine description of a good and holy life:

Live this life and do what ever is done in a spirit of thanksgiving. Abandon attempts to achieve security, they are futile. Give up the search for wealth, it is demeaning. Quit the search for salvation, it is selfish. And come to comfortable rest in the certainty that those who participate in this life with an attitude of thanksgiving will receive its full promise.

Very Protestant of me, I'm sure, but I believe that everyone who dies in Grace is a saint, and sainthood is the intended destiny for us all one way or another.

I remember hearing someone who wasn't Christian observe that there were 2 kinds of Christians, typical Christians and exemplary Christians. Typical Christians are the most common, and for the most part are pretty awful tiresome people. Then there are the very few exemplary Christians who really do live out their faith to its fullest, and show the rest of the world what it means. Those are the saints we remember and hope will remember us to God.

Who are some of your favorite saints? (and they don't have to be Christian).


it's margaret said...

Malcolm X. Caesar Chavez. Simone Weil. For a start.... at the moment!

Blessed All Saints Counterlight!

Unknown said...

Julian of Norwich, St Patrick (The saint for by downtrodden and excluded people everywhere.), and St. Francis of Assisi,

Mychals Prayer said...

As you mentioned, Mychal Judge for his holy life as well as his heroic death. Many people's prayers continue to be answered through Mychal's intercession as he continues to be busy on the other side.
Saint Mychal Judge, pray for us.