Saturday, November 20, 2010

We May Need His Like Again

Jonathan Swift

We may well need the services of someone like the Dean of Saint Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin once again. We may be about to relive the brutality of the Britain of Robert Walpole and early capitalism.


June Butler said...

From your headline on Google Reader, I wondered whether you referred to the country or to the Anguishing Communion. No Swift as yet, I believe, in either case.

JCF said...

I think Tom Tomorrow in "This Modern World" really captured things well, re the proposed Social Security age-raising. "People are living longer" says the rationale. No, they're not. THE RICH are living MUCH longer, not the poor (or lower middle-class---if they're any of THEM left). "Janitors will be forced to work TILL THEY DROP, to make possible tax cuts for lawyers" said Tom T.

Maybe Tom Tomorrow is our Swift.

Counterlight said...

Indeed, hedge fund managers are living longer. The rest of us are expendable.