Monday, November 8, 2010

Covenant Battles Across the Pond

Apparently the debut of the No Anglican Covenant movement struck a raw nerve in the Church of England. It has made a lot of bishops very cross, and opened up a hornet's nest of discontent among lower clergy and the laity.

There is this now famous reaction from Bishop Gregory Cameron, one of the authors of the current draft of the Covenant. Many Americans in this movement were very surprised to see themselves described as "Little Englanders" and members of the BNP. We were so surprised that we had to look up those very England specific references. The letter is full of pique and invective, but does little to address the objections raised by opponents of the Covenant.

There is this very clever response from Bishop Alan Wilson comparing the Covenant process to very bad and irrelevant "Agony Aunt" advice to a couple facing a crisis in their marriage.

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Lapinbizarre said...

In addition to his most recent blog posts, Alan Wilson has written a fine piece on the Flying Bishops' fiasco, published in yesterday's Guardian. Seems Wilson may be emerging as a significant player in Anglicanism's current upheavals - a very welcome development.