Saturday, November 27, 2010

Oh Crap! It's Christmas Again!

If the fondest wishes of all the fundies and right wing haters came true, and all the gays and Jews disappeared from the earth, there would be no more Christmas.
Face it, the Christmas holiday is the creation of gay men and Jews for the enjoyment of heterosexual gentiles. If you really want to declare war on Christmas, then fire all the fags, and let Christian heterosexuals write all the holiday songs and produce all the holiday shows. I guarantee, Christmas will be dead and buried after just one season.


JCF said...

Heh-heh: true dat!

Unknown said...


MadPriest said...

Christmas was invented by St. Francis of Assisi and he was as gay as gay can be. No heterosexual would have gone with the live donkey in the nativity scene - he was such a showman. As an old lady in a congregation I once belonged to said of our lovely, camp priest, "You open the fridge door, the light comes on and he starts performing."