Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ma Update

My brother called and said that she is in surgery to drain fluid out of her head. I'm on notice about making a trip to Dallas soon. My brother says to wait until we have anything definite from the doctors.

He says that the surgery is supposed to last only 30 minutes, so she may be out by now.


She's out of surgery. The operation was a success. She's in recovery and will return to her room tomorrow. She will spend the weekend in the hospital, and then be released into rehab.
I hope the worst is over for now.


susan s. said...

Okay, some more prayers.

Tui Snider said...

I am keeping your mom in my prayers, too!


JCF said...

Hang in there, {{{Doug}}}.

(Prayers that your mom do likewise)

Unknown said...

I am keeping your mom on my prayer list, too.