Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanks to All of My Readers

... for your kind thoughts and prayers for my mother and myself. I hope the worst is over at this point. She will stay in the hospital over the weekend for observation, and then will probably be sent to rehab for a couple of weeks of further recovery. I'm discussing plans with my brother and his wife for a possible Christmas visit.
This has really been a strain on them. Brian is down with a chest cold, and is not allowed into the hospital. So his wife, Diane, had to do all the hospital visits. I am very grateful to the both of them, and I think everyone should remember them too. They are both exhausted today, but we are all very grateful that things were not worse, and for all the love and support that we've had over the past few days.

Thanks everyone!


Unknown said...

So glad to hear a positive after all your Mom and you (and your brother and family too.) her family have gone through carrying for her and worrying, too. You all will remain in my prayers and hope yours Thanksgiving was a good day too.

JCF said...

Lifting y'all in prayer...