Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Most Recent Republican Triumph ...

... means the Same Ole Shit, different year.

With the Democrats competing to see who can roll over fastest and play bitch to the Republican Big Daddies, it looks like the GOP will run the whole show again for another 2 years at least.


Unknown said...

What seems to be sad is that the Democrats aren't willing to stand on what they've done and remind the country of that. The other thing is this roll over thing - I know in order to work effectively there must be a certain amount of compromise (Otherwise it's just posturing back and forth as the parties change hands.) but stand for what you believe in for heaven's sakes!

Also, what happened to the young Democrats? in the 60s that was a huge part of what was revitalizing the party. We need politicians with guts to stand up and say what they believe in as well as bringing up a new generation to respect the values that the party stands for these days.

JCF said...

You can prioritize doing the right thing for the country (God forbid, the world!) *OR* you can prioritize bipartisanship.

You can't prioritize BOTH.

Tui Snider said...

Sadly, politics is a soap opera that we have to endure rather than a melodramatic TV show we can simply enjoy from a distance! :(

I loved the whole HBO Rome series, but, man, I do not want to live it!

I am trying to figure out how/why electric vehicles are now considered a symbol of the left. (I plan to blog about this. I'll tell you when I do. It's really got my panties - cute panties, of course - in a bunch.) I mean, wtf!!! When has Mother Earth ever been partisan?


Your website is a bright spot in the blogosphere! :)


June Butler said...

If you think the president and the Dems in this Congress are wimps who will call for the smelling salts every time Republicans say, "Boo!", just wait till next year, when the members of the next Congress take their seats.