Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Day After

Let's Face the Music and Dance. Instead of Fred Astaire's gloomy version of this song, here's Frank Sinatra's kick-your-ass version:

Good-bye middle class prosperity, probably forever.

Say hello to at least 2 years of political stalemate and paralyzed government as the economy continues to stagnate, unemployment remains stuck at 9% to 10%, and home foreclosures continue to break records.

The Republicans will soon have a Night of the Long Knives when their newly empowered extremists try to buck the party leadership.

The same angry volatile electorate that put the Republicans back in power will turn on them in less than 2 years (probably in less than one year).


Counterlight said...

It's not all bad news. Sharon Angle, Meg Whitman, Carl Paladino, and Christine O'Donnell are now history. The Dems won big in Colorado, and against nasty old Tom Tancredo. Left leaning Lincoln Chafee won in Rhode Island.

JCF said...

Big Time Relief here in California, too.

You've heard, no doubt, that Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina (both ProH8) were defeated. But you may not have heard that "the Father of PropH8", Andy Pugno, lost his bid to become MY State Assemblyman, too! :-0 (Whew, it was close! 49-46 But hopefully, if he couldn't win THIS year, he can't win ANY year!)