Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ma Update

It turns out that my mother had a small stroke. The doctor says that she probably had it a few days before she fell, and didn't realize it. She's suffering some memory loss, but the doctor says that's probably temporary. They are keeping her in the ICU for a few more days, and will give her an MRI. She will need physical therapy and occupational therapy during her recovery.

My mother was a physical therapist for almost 50 years. I hope she remembers that when she's a PT patient for the first time in her life.


IT said...

Glad there is a diagnosis. HOpe all goes well in recovery--they are a worry, these parents.

JCF said...

Yup. (Parents=Worry)

Prayers for her---and you, Doug.

Gainor said...

Hi Doug
I have been reading your blog for some months now and I wanted to just thank you for your many insightful posts. I am sure that you are a marvelous teacher!

I send you and your mother my sentiments for her speedy recovery. I had years of anxiety and worry over my mother and then my beloved husband with various health issues, so I am well familiar with the difficultly of care giving and keeping up with your own life.

Artist in Florida

Counterlight said...

Thank you all and thank you Gainor. I enjoyed looking at your work.

Unknown said...

Here's hoping she has a quick recovery! It's good they caught it!

Leonard said...

Thank you for the news on your Mom--she appears to be getting wonderful care--excellent.

Gurdur said...

Wishing your mother and you all the best of luck.

David G. said...

I hear health care workers make the worst patients. I guess it all depends on your mother's demeanor.

As a forced job, I'd rank caregiving up there with working at a crime scene cleaning agency.